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Silicone price trend

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-18      Origin: Site


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Since last week, up to the raw material, next to the finished product, is basically under stability is given priority to, monomer factory pricing is more uniform, mentality is relatively stable, but individual manufacturer in shandong province DMC and cut 3500 yuan/ton, after continuous rapid fall of ordered all dumbfounded, although other monomer factory said temporarily on under high loose market, such as lower mentality, even just to refrain from purchasing intention, the overall market new order to clinch a deal unusually quiet, seems to be in such a storm coming, especially downstream by the inflation pressure, to put a big, so this week, rapid decline or is difficult to return for ideal volume, at the same time near the end of the parties to the afternoon there are still gaps, anticipation high-margin condition still is in the present, the valuation or requests? This butt next trend is crucial!

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