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Silicone price suddenly "change"! Latest trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week 107 rubber market weak stable operation, 107 rubber overall supply is sufficient, its mainstream offer compared with the pre-festival, fell 1000-1500 yuan/ton or so. On the one hand, the cost side of the support weakened, on the other hand, downstream enterprises look forward to a heavy state of mind, just need to buy mainly. The price of 107 glue after the festival is 27000-27500 yuan/ton. The production of silicone glue in Shandong province is gradually recovering, and the demand for 107 glue is increasing, but the overall decline is difficult to ship at high price. Imported material 107 glue also decreased with the domestic market. At present, the downstream enterprises cautiously view the market, there is an appropriate amount of purchase of the need to cover positions, large area of stockpiling is still waiting for the fall, but are waiting for the fall, their inventory is in the low case, the space to continue to fall in the short term may be limited, but the current high rebound is not much sense.

Silicone oil market: after the holiday DMC led the decline, silicone bulk raw materials with most of the fall, silicone oil is certainly no exception. As the first quarter of the organic silicon rose sharply, the silicon oil rose considerably, now the cost price appears periodic loosening, some silicon oil manufacturers floating shipment according to the index, the market sentiment is weakening rapidly, the downstream wait and see is the main, the willingness to receive the goods is low, traders quote confusion, the actual transaction is less. The epidemic situation in foreign countries is still repeated, but it has little impact on the export of silicone oil at present. Foreign orders of silicone oil are still optimistic, and many foreign trade enterprises are still ordering orders in June and July. Imported silicon oil due to the early price has been high, in the domestic nearly half a month Yin fell, Ming fell, and after the normal operation of the Zhangjiagang device, part of the imported material futures have arrived in Hong Kong, agents have also reduced the offer, but overall, the price is still far higher than the domestic.

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