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Silicone price letter, DMC can return to 30,000?

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Near the end of the month, silicone rubber giants have issued price increase letters, Luxi DMC in the round and round, last week stopped falling and rebounded, as of the end of the week, the domestic DMC market price in the range of 28500-29500 yuan/ton. In terms of supply, there are still some manufacturers closing and restricting sales, which indicates that the market resources are tight now, and Spark plans to stop all maintenance in April, so the situation of shortage of supply will continue to be maintained. March for silicone market rally mightiest, downstream to quickly pull up resistance, wait-and-see increase, lead to cut quotation clinchs a deal with the spot of luxi, will not fall, but the market consensus that march so lucid in appropriate after the callback, trading was better, quickly and conveniently rebound, DMC will be returned to the 30000 times, together we wait and see!

107 silicone rubber market: last week, the domestic 107 rubber market is mainly stable, experienced a sharp rise in the early market, the current high maintenance of stability. Because individual manufacturers DMC prices rise again, 107 glue price confidence is strong support, some manufacturers offer tentative adjustment, most of the downstream in buy up not buy down mentality under the guidance of just need to actively fill the warehouse, 107 glue trading atmosphere is good. In addition to the recent silicone sealant in the sales season, a number of giants have also released price letter, which is also conducive to 107 glue growth conduction smoothly. Imported material 107 glue spot is still very tight, the market is mostly high - priced scattered orders. At present, there are still a large number of undelivered domestic monomer factory 107 glue orders, and return to the price rise channel in DMC. The price of 107 glue is more strong. It is expected that the price of 107 glue will continue to rise at the end of the month!

Silicone oil market: last week the domestic silicone oil market is stable, strong confidence is sufficient, conventional viscosity methyl silicone oil mainstream offer 31500-32000 yuan/ton. In terms of cost, the upstream DMC price still has a supporting effect on the silicon oil cost surface. On the supply side, DMC rebound, some silicon oil manufacturers reappear reluctant to sell the situation; On the demand side, due to the overall tight supply, the downstream procurement enthusiasm is high, the number of on-site inquiries increased, although there is hesitation to deal a deal at a high price, but it is not easy to buy goods at a low price, and the price of goods is gradually increased. The continued shortage of imported goods, due to the Suez Canal blockage, the extension of the shipping date is imperative, the agent price psychological coincidental increase, silicone oil market good news is quite many, it is expected that the recent domestic silicone oil prices will still maintain high.

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