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Silicone price forecast

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107 rubber market: In October, 107 rubber market trend rose after the decline, the major manufacturers spot price correction. Due to the sharp drop in the DMC market at the end of the month, the monomer factory 107 rubber also fell sharply, traders are eager to sell goods, leading to the low supply of goods in the market frequency, the price of 107 rubber is basically reduced to the pre-holiday price, the price gap between the monomer factory 107 rubber bulk goods and the whole vehicle is large, the quotation is in the wide range of 50,000-55800 yuan/ton. Last week, local DMC and large margin transaction, 107 rubber manufacturers dare not blindly add stock, wak-see sentiment. According to the current cost trend, 107 glue price will continue to fall this week, the decline will deepen.

Silicone oil market: last week, THE DMC market started the overall decline mode, methyl silicone oil offer also sharply adjusted, now the offer is 5000-60000 yuan/ton, down 5000-10000 yuan/ton. Because of bidding for shipment by major individual factories, silicone oil manufacturers will face losses as soon as they stock up. Therefore, it is difficult to fill positions before DMC stops falling. In order to avoid greater losses, some silicone oil companies with large inventory can only increase the margin of profit and ship quickly.

Imported raw materials silicone oil: in November, though many foreign brand implementation of price increases, but the price is in the domestic market has obvious lag, the influence on domestic silicone oil market is not big, especially along with the domestic agent early gains offer, the current domestic decline significantly, the imported raw materials silicone oil, and the price is also difficult, clinch a deal agents also appropriate incentives, imported raw materials silicone oil price in 65000-70000 yuan/ton.

Raw rubber and mixed rubber market: In October, the raw rubber market fell sharply, especially last week, with the quotation of raw rubber vehicles and bulk goods at 52,000-57,000 yuan/ton, down 8000-13,000 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of October. Due to the large rubber mixing factories in East China again lower the price, most of the rubber mixing factories do not dare to stock up. The raw rubber is still in need of procurement, and the raw rubber factory is not good in shipment, which has caused the phenomenon of stock exhaustion. Last week, local raw rubber factory has been reduced to 50000 yuan/ton. With the further decline of DMC in Shandong, the raw rubber is expected to follow the sharp decline this week, especially for large orders, there may be significant profits.

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