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Silicone oil market forecast

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In summary, the double control of energy consumption and power limit continue to ferment, the expectation of supply contraction has strong support for silicon metal price, and the demand for organic silicon and polysilicon is strong, all favorable factors will continue to push silicon metal to a new high. In September, two monomer devices were scheduled for annual overhaul. Now, due to insufficient silicon metal, the operation of monomer plants also shows an unstable trend, so that the supply of silicone DMC is getting worse and worse, and the middle and lower reaches are longing for raw materials. Under the current situation of market tension, buyers need to act quickly, if the middle and downstream enterprises in the single factory quotation on the same day did not place an order, they need to wait for the next week to place a new price.

Under the condition of insufficient raw materials from all sides, the number of individual plants for maintenance is increasing. The middle and lower reaches are limited by raw materials and unable to transmit due to high prices. The phenomenon of production suspension and production reduction is also spreading, and the supply of the whole industrial chain is decreasing. In the long run, under the background of "carbon neutrality", the emerging energy market will usher in explosive growth in the next few years, and the demand for silicone is still increasing. However, in the short term, the mismatch between supply and demand cannot be alleviated. Upstream offers have a strong voice, and profits can remain high. Middle and downstream manufacturers can only tighten their belts and upgrade the difficulty of transmission.

For the future trend, most of the industry said, now the high price contains "water" more, has seriously affected the healthy development of the silicone industry, but in the stock wave than a wave of high situation, it is difficult to assert the future trend, in the short term, the silicone market has not ended the trend of rising.

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