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Silicone high price to continue! Is there a turning point in July?

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, under the support of the high price of DMC, 107 rubber offer continues to be stable, manufacturers still hold the price mentality, now the mainstream offer is 31000-31500 yuan/ton. However, the negative impact of high raw materials, in addition to the monomer factory other small and medium-sized 107 rubber manufacturers generally just need to purchase, or in order after the purchase mode, low warehouse operation. At the same time, the current has not yet come out of the traditional low season of the silicone rubber industry, especially in the south, the precipitation and high temperature coexist, and the high price of other raw materials will affect the project progress, and the demand for construction glue in the field will decrease, so the domestic market atmosphere is mainly cautious. But this year in the "carbon neutral", the photovoltaic industry to meet the explosive growth, which also led to a significant increase in the demand for photovoltaic sealant. In the short term, 107 glue supply and demand balance, is expected to be able to maintain high prices for a period of time, partial core customers or have a small yield.

Silicone oil market: last week, DMC continued high, silicone oil cost surface support is strong, so the actual transaction continues to move upward. At present, the supply of silicon oil manufacturers is still tight, more orders in the early stage, most of the schedule to the middle and late July, there is no pressure on inventory, but the cost of the downstream profit space formation erosion. From the demand side, the downstream manufacturers have a certain fear of high mood, and the early order of silicone oil is also arriving, the procurement pressure has eased, so the silicone oil orders are more cautious, the market high price new single transaction slightly pressure, local manufacturers have a small yield. Imported material silicone oil, agents hold low source of goods, price mentality is strong, but in the current market, the buyer and seller have a game situation, profit phenomenon also occurs. On the whole, the silicon oil market is expected to be dominated by high consolidation in the short term, trading a small yield.

Cracking stock market: Last week cracking the market fluctuated, as far as we know, hubei area cracking material factory has submitted to return to work in early July, will start this week, and the waste silicone market also hungry, pull up, part of the waste silicone recyclers of cracking LiaoChang flash quote 8000 / ton, as far as we know, flash pyrolysis material companies inventory is more, the price of acceptance is not high, Suspension refused to accept, the majority of market transactions to the new factory, the overall trading atmosphere is general. At present, cracking material factory with a strong price advantage, most manufacturers arrange orders to the end of the month, so in the new material into a flat period, the downstream began to pressure the price, cracking material factory price mentality is also more firm, some low-price orders generally need to be delivered half a month later. It is expected that in the short term, cracking material silicone oil, 107 glue quotation remains stable.

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