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Silicone has risen by 9500! Downstream companies "forced" to follow up on price increases

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Since March, the silicone market has entered the "open-hanging" skyrocketing mode. At present, the DMC quotation is only one step away from breaking through the 40,000 yuan / ton mark. Various silicone oils, silicone rubbers, additives, metallic silicon, fumed silica... are also making great progress, and the overall silicone price is rising rapidly. As of press time, the DMC quotation of individual manufacturers has risen to 39,500 yuan/ton, a weekly increase of 4,400 yuan/ton, an increase of 11.2%, and a continuous increase of 9,500 yuan/ton, an increase of 24.05% compared with February 7. The factors that detonated this skyrocketing price include: first, the upstream closed and restricted sales, and more and more people concentrated online bidding, which boosted the rapid price rise; second, the continuous surge in crude oil under the geopolitical conflict accelerated the catalysis of commodity inflation, and the export of organic silicon is still expected. keep increasing.

     However, with such an intensive and high-intensity price increase, domestic downstream enterprises are facing the risk of production reduction as soon as they start construction. This week, DMC will break through 40,000 yuan.

107 rubber market: Recently, the 107 rubber market continued to push up. The mainstream quotation of 107 rubber last Tuesday was 37500-38000 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 6.34%. Due to the recent continuation of limited orders for 107 rubber in the monomer factory, and the delay in delivery, in addition to the tight supply of DMC, the output of other small and medium-sized 107 rubber factories is lower than expected, and the market has less spot resources. keep going higher. The current domestic 107 rubber market is mainly driven by the cost side, and the tight supply of DMC has driven the price to rise. The domestic 107 rubber market rose.

  From the demand side, the downstream room temperature glue is entering the peak season, and this week's curtain wall exhibition will promote the transaction of silicone glue. However, raw materials have continued to skyrocket recently, and the production cost of silicone rubber has continued to increase. Although the price increase letter has been actively followed up, the losses from the sharp rise and fall last year are still vivid in my mind. At present, it mainly digests inventory and purchases on demand.

      On the whole, 107 rubber has maintained a high price under the support of cost, but the stocking efforts of downstream enterprises have declined. It is expected that 107 rubber will mainly focus on cost in a short period of time.

Silicone oil market: Last week, the domestic silicone oil market rose again amid tight prices. The current price of domestic silicone oil is 43000-46000 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 4450 yuan / ton, an increase of 9.20%. The DMC support on the raw material side is good, and the silicone oil factory has pushed up the trend. The supply in the field continues to be tight. The orders of individual factories have been pre-sold until April, and the good pre-sale of orders supports the confidence of the industry. In terms of imported materials, due to the turbulent international situation, the intensified energy crisis, and the increase in freight costs, foreign installations not only increase production costs, but also have the risk of production reduction. Last week, the price of domestic agents was raised again, and the price range of methyl silicone oil was 48,000-50,000 yuan / ton. There is still a large price difference with domestic silicone oil.

  On the demand side, the market performance is differentiated, the pressure on domestic downstream demand is increasing, the overall purchase is relatively flat, and the rigid demand is the main, and there is a certain resistance to high-priced silicone oil. However, foreign countries have a good acceptance of high-priced silicone oil, and the supply of overseas giants is in a tight state. On the whole, the upsurge in the export market is the foundation to support the strong operation of the silicone oil market. It is expected that under the strong increase in raw materials of silicone oil companies and the stable performance of the superimposed demand side, the price will continue to rise positively.

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