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Silicone gum problems

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1. What is the reason for the surface wrinkle of neutral adhesive after curing?

(a) the expansion coefficient of the substrate is large;

(2) displacement or vibration;

(three) some glue itself is too thin, less filling material in the glue and more plasticizer (white oil), plastic in the curing process of plasticizer (white oil) has a certain degree of volatilization will make the volume of the glue smaller, so the glue will shrink and wrinkle;

(four) if the sizing is too thin after curing is also easy to shrink and wrinkle, the thickness of the thickening sizing can reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon (it is recommended that the sizing is more than 2mm).

2, neutral transparent glue yellow is what reason?

· Neutral transparent adhesive yellowing is the defect of the glue itself, mainly caused by the crosslinking agent and viscosifier in the neutral adhesive, the reason is that these two raw materials with "amine", amine is very easy to cause yellowing, many imported famous brand glass glue is therefore yellowing phenomenon.

· In addition, if neutral transparent adhesive is used with acid glass adhesive at the same time, it may cause neutral adhesive to turn yellow after curing;

· It may also be caused by the long storage time of the glue or the reaction between the glue and the substrate.

3. What are the reasons for the soft particles, hard blocks and black spots in the glass glue?

· These three situations occur separately or together, all of which are caused by improper handling in the process of production or packaging, and the mixing of solidified glass blocks or sundry.

· Soft particles and hard lumps are caused by the skin appearing on the surface of the fast drying part of the surface and mixing with the glue;

· It may also be caused by the glue scraping on the bottom and surface of the barrel during reloading.

· Black spots are caused by unclean raw materials.

4, Why the same bottle of glue or the same batch of glue will appear thin thick phenomenon?

· This phenomenon often appears in the glue of poor quality. Due to the uneven mixing of glue slurry, the glue contains filling material. As soon as the filling material sees a vacancy, it will drill down, so the phenomenon of different thinness and thickness will appear.

· Different thicknesses of the same bottle of glue may often be due to the reaction between the glue and the bottle, or the glue has expired.

· This phenomenon can be avoided if the production technology and formula are well mastered.

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