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Silicone began a wave of price increases, the latest trend forecast

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107 silicone rubber market: last week 107 rubber market price operation. In terms of cost, under the stable situation of DMC, the cost value of 107 glue is constantly improving, which also gives sufficient confidence to the price increase of 107 glue. From the point of view of the supply side, the current 107 rubber unit of the monomer factory can be started. Other 107 rubber manufacturers are limited in output due to the shortage of DMC, and are basically in a low inventory state. On the demand side: the demand of silicone rubber is poor in the off-season. On the one hand, the terminal sector is affected by the sluggish property market, repeated outbreaks, extreme weather and other factors recently, and it has been difficult to improve the buying gas of the infrastructure industry. On the other hand, due to the increase in prices after the weakening of customers to take goods, part of the MS rubber field. Overall, the cost of 107 adhesive rose well and continued to rise. However, with the increasing cost, some small and medium-sized downstream enterprises may be threatened, and the downstream demand only needs to be guaranteed. It is difficult to be optimistic, so we have no choice but to reduce production or avoid excessive losses.

Silicone oil market: last week, driven by the high DMC of raw materials, the overall offer of the silicone oil market also changed in a narrow range, and the manufacturer's offer rose between 200-500 yuan/ton. Affected by the raw materials of more than half a year, silicone oil enterprises have low inventories and tight supply has become the norm, so the downstream acceptance of this round of market has been greatly improved, just need to buy the atmosphere is ok, and export orders are still increasing, most of the silicone oil manufacturers order to the end of August. Imports of silicon oil in the domestic bullish situation, traders price confidence increased, yield less phenomenon. Overall, the silicone oil market is expected to rise in the short term with the support of the order volume and the raw material end.

Cracking material market: last week new material market continued to move up, downstream hope to fall hopeless, bullish sentiment gradually, negative inventory mood decreased, the cracking material inquiry increased, cracking material manufacturers received orders again saturated, arrange the basic to the end of August. Under the influence of the rising market of waste silica gel, there are some individual cracking materials to increase the receiving price. This week, the quotation of waste silica gel rose again, and the waste silica gel recycler is now quoting the cracking material factory to 8300-8500 yuan/ton. Cracking material factory on the future bullish view, the purchase of waste silica gel is more active. In the short term, the new material stable upward probability is larger, cracking material market trading hot, many new manufacturers are accelerating construction as soon as possible into production, but on the whole, as long as the new material continued high, cracking material with strong price advantage, order demand will continue to exceed supply.

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