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Silicone Price decrease back up! Will this week continue to probe steadily? Latest Market Trends

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After experiencing roller coaster market, the domestic silicone market rebounded as scheduled last week. Upstream, silicon metal market continues to fall, so that organic silicon monomer plant profit shrinking situation has eased. On the supply side, affected by the overfall of the downstream market in the early stage, the price of low-end DMC was once reduced to 28,000 yuan/ton last week. Thanks to the increase of the action of copying the bottom of the raw rubber market and establishing positions, the DMC market was supported in reverse, and the individual factories stopped the decline and recovered, and the confidence of the price increase was increased. The mainstream price of DMC market is 30800-32000 yuan/ton. Raw rubber, 107 rubber, mixed rubber have increased 800-1500 yuan/ton.

At present, the market after a bleak wait-and-see period, also ushered in a small wave of replenishment tide, which has just to purchase, but also hold high-priced inventory, hope to lower the overall inventory price. It can be seen that after the transfer of single factory inventory, the short-term market supply is still in a loose state, can the road of silicone recovery be stable?

107 rubber market: last week, 107 rubber repair rebound. DMC stopped falling and rose, orders increased, inventory pressure of single factory decreased, cost support of 107 rubber enterprises returned, the price followed up by 1000-1500 yuan/ton, the current offer of 32,500 -32800 yuan/ton, affected by the mentality of buying up, downstream purchasing enthusiasm has changed, 107 rubber market low price competition gradually reduced.

From the demand side, silicone rubber overall weak, has a positive but volume difficult to boost stock phenomenon, especially the recent enterprise BaoLei continuously, to suspend part of the construction project, and with the weather turns cold, falling demand in the north region, end demand remains weak, and thus affect the silicone rubber manufacturer to speed the shipment and order quantity, As a result, the high price of 107 rubber inventory of manufacturers has not been fully digested, so the bearish attitude of silicone rubber enterprises on the market has not decreased, and 107 rubber is mainly just need to purchase.

On the whole, 107 rubber manufacturers are still facing the pressure of downward transfer of inventory, and 107 rubber transaction prices are expected to be stable in the short term by DMC price transmission, but the demand side of the pressure, the price is still difficult.

Silicone oil market: last week, the performance of methyl silicone oil market is stable, demand is lower than the early low, the market volume began to pick up signs, although not the same as the same period in previous years, but the stable price mentality of methyl silicone oil enterprises has strengthened, the downstream bearish sentiment has also slowed down, now the silicone oil market quotation is 38000-40000 yuan/ton. The price of imported silicone oil is still high, but under the condition that the high price is difficult to close a deal, the agent has to lower the quotation appropriately. Due to different channels, the wide quotation is 60,000-65,000 yuan/ton. In the following December, zhangjiagang factory will have an overhaul plan. In the short term, dow and Wacker will still have a small supply of goods in domestic circulation.

On the demand side, downstream enterprises have different views on the future market, so they have different enthusiasm for stocking in the near future. Domestic demand for silicone rubber and textile is still weak, and stocking is cautious. The acceptance of high price of silicone oil by overseas users is better than domestic, and some foreign trade enterprises actively placed orders last week after the price stopped falling. On the whole, there is a slight lack of trading enthusiasm in domestic demand, but under the influence of buying up rather than buying down sentiment, foreign orders are more optimistic, and silicone oil companies have a strong temper. Silicone oil market is expected to be stable in the short term.

Raw rubber market: after the price of raw rubber market fell last week, the phenomenon of bottom-fishing of rubber manufacturers increased significantly, which gave a significant boost to the raw rubber market. Therefore, the raw rubber immediately rebounded after the opening of last Tuesday. The mainstream price of raw rubber market is 34,000 yuan/ton, and it rebounded 1000-2000 yuan/ton. With the increase of new single volume, the inventory pressure of raw rubber factory is released, which plays an important role in boosting the overall silicone market. This week, the probability of stable raw rubber is still relatively high.

Mixed rubber market: the raw rubber market returns to rise, which plays an important role in supporting the stable price of the mixed rubber market. Now the mainstream price of the mixed rubber market is 28000-29000 yuan/ton, and the cost calculated with the current raw rubber price will return to normal profit. Demand side, the early stage of the mixed gum sharply decline, make the weakened silicon downstream products market got the break time, silicon products new pick up orders at present has been profitable, most manufacturers have a small amount of stock up for the operation, mixing rubber factory orders have obviously improved than before, if subsequent terminal and recovers, orders also increased expectations. In the short term, the overall trading atmosphere of high temperature rubber market is good. It is expected that the raw rubber market may run with a small callback under the support of the good raw material end and the good demand end, and the mixed rubber market closely follows the rise.

In summary, the organic silicon market has stopped falling and rebounded. From the point of view of raw materials, the single factory is still gaming with silicon metal enterprises, but some low-grade silicon metal has a small rebound phenomenon recently. The dry season in southern China is coming, or to a certain extent, the decline of chemical grade silicon metal. In terms of demand, there are two situations in the downstream market. The trading atmosphere of raw rubber is active, while the demand for 107 rubber is still depressed. Favorable factors coexist, but both sides of the mentality has tended to rational.

In the short term, the market rise, fall, three kinds of sound is heard, but these are has seen and heard as well as, monomer factory is still in the profit situation upside down, is expected to upstream is still high, but still need to consider the downstream demand cooperation degree, with periodic inventory over, just need to copy DeJianCang order end demand if unable to continue to follow up, Do not rule out the follow-up silicone market may still fall, so the operation space for traders is small, the market speculative atmosphere is relatively weakened. This week the silicone market still has a stable development trend, but the rise space should be relatively limited, the follow-up still need to pay close attention to the degree of recovery of the terminal market and silicon metal can stop falling stability or rebound.

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