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Silicon oil, silicone metal silicon price increase letter flying around 10%-15%

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Recently, the price has been continuously increased, mainly due to a number of factors, the new production capacity production schedule is not as expected; Increased demand for downstream resumption of production; The demand of foreign market leads to the increase of export and shortage of spot market; Hype atmosphere heavier factors such as influence.  

In the first half of this year, 900,000 tons of individual production capacity has been built and ready to be put into production. However, all of them are in the commissioning stage and the production progress is not as expected. It is expected to be put into the market in the second quarter.  

Downstream demand, silicone downstream big real estate industry starts after the holiday, room temperature glue demand increases, silica gel products demand market rebound, ice dun dun a hard to find, high temperature glue demand growth is large, the overall downstream demand exceeds expectations, resulting in tight supply of raw material market.  

Foreign epidemic gradually normalized, began to open the tank, the economic recovery of all industries, increased demand for silicone, recent exports increased.  

Market speculation, each spot supply is tight, there will be a variety of speculation, speculation, silicone supply is tight, but far from serious shortage, speculative hoarding behavior is not desirable.  

It is expected that the price will fluctuate in the short term and may continue to rise. In the long run, the release of new production capacity in the second quarter will make the price fall more likely.  

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