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Silicon dioxide detection items

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1. Precipitation silica (precipitated hydrated silica) test item  

The chemical formula of precipitated silica is SiO2•nH2O. The test items are mainly silica content of precipitated silica, color, 45 microns screenings, heating loss, burning, PH value, total copper content, reducing total manganese content, total iron content, phthalic acid dibutyl absorption values, soluble in water, 300% stress, 500% the reach stress, tensile strength, elongation at failure, physical form, dispersion, specific surface area, etc Indicators.  

2. Test item of highly dispersed precipitated silica (highly dispersed precipitated hydrated silica)  

The detection items of highly dispersed precipitated silica are basically the same as those of ordinary precipitated silica, but the detection items of technical indexes and typical values are added. Therefore, the technical specifications of highly dispersed precipitated silica also require detection of the median particle size and particle proportion. Typical values specify that total surface area, CTAB specific surface area and dispersion should be measured.  

3. Gas phase silica (gas phase silica) detection project  

The appearance of gas phase silica is a fluffy white powder. Specific detection items mainly include nitrogen adsorption specific surface area, burning reduction, silicon dioxide content, aluminum oxide content, titanium dioxide content, ferric oxide content, carbon content, chloride content, suspension PH value, 105℃ volatile, vibration density, 45μm sieve residue and other indicators.  

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