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Rising tide did not return, out of tide and future attack! Silicone in the downstream manufacturers stop order self-help!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, due to the strong cost support, and DMC supply is very limited, most 107 rubber factories temporarily do not accept orders, the market scattered offer increase at 500 yuan/ton. From the point of view of the supply side, in addition to the monomer factory, the rest of the long time out of stock 107 rubber manufacturers empty inventory, the operation is greatly limited. Last week, DMC again a large range of limited orders, the market for a goods to further expand the situation. From the demand side, the downstream silicone rubber has been aware of hope to fall hopeless, and gradually into the traditional peak season, the terminal inquiry atmosphere is ok, but the actual transaction is still based on just need. Due to the recession of the real estate market and the continuous rebound of COVID-19, the rigid demand for silicone rubber is difficult to improve in the short term, and some manufacturers expressed some concerns about the weak demand.

In view of the current situation, the domestic epidemic prevention situation is still severe, and the demand side is weak. Secondly, the price of 107 glue is high and out of stock, downstream customers can only purchase on demand, but with the growth more and more out of control, more and more manufacturers choose to turn to MS glue production. In the short term, DMC has strong expectations, affected by maintenance, poor downstream demand, not persistent to the future market is expected to fall, the short-term 107 glue market is still expected to move up with DMC.

Silicone oil market: As the price of DMC keeps rising, the price of silicone oil market follows the price all the way due to the cost pressure. The overall offer is steadily increasing, and the manufacturer's price generally increases by 500 yuan/ton. Under the trend of DMC rising again and again, the wait-and-see sentiment of silicon oil manufacturers is constantly reduced, and the flexible purchasing mode is changed to the rigid need to cover positions to follow up. However, due to the limited production reduction due to the maintenance of some single factories, the production capacity of silicon oil manufacturers is limited, the price willingness is high, and the sealing phenomenon increases. The downstream bargaining space is not large, and most manufacturers are mainly futures trading. At present, although the terminal demand is weak, the supply of silicone oil is increasingly tight, the downstream stocking mentality is anxious, and the inquiry is positive.

In the first ten days of August, not only the domestic silicone market rose, but also the export orders of high prices did not show signs of easing, leading to silicone oil manufacturers have no intention to low. At the same time, foreign brand silicone oil is mainly supplied to foreign countries this year, domestic agent inventory has been low, the price is high, recently in the domestic rise to coaise drag down, agent quote to keep pace with the increase.

Cracking material market: new material market rose sharply last week, and the limited phenomenon, new material shortage situation, the market for cracking material demand to further improve, but cracking material factory row orders early to the end of August, limited supply, most manufacturers said temporarily do not accept orders. The waste silica gel under the influence of the crazy market, as well as the recent decline in the operating rate of silicon products factory, and the original high price has been pressed for a long time, the raw edge of the disc is not sold, at the same time, the recyclers are also not sold, this week the price of waste silica gel rose again, the waste silica gel recycler is now the price of pyrolysis material factory rose to 8500-8800 yuan/ton. Cracking plant is not optimistic about the rise of waste silica gel, but high profits, procurement is also more active, and in the second half of the year and a lot of new cracking plant, the situation of waste silica gel supply has improved. In the short term, cracking material manufacturers are mainly in short order, and the spot price of the new single is on the high side.

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