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Raw rubber 14 consecutive rises today?

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Driven by the "protection of exports" of raw rubber factories, the 14th price increase of domestic raw rubber holders was fulfilled as scheduled. The market price in East China reached 39 yuan/KG, and the midstream and downstream costs would increase slightly. According to media reports, with the easing of the epidemic and the advent of the peak season for traditional silicone products in the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten”, global demand is also picking up.

Mr. Luo, the CEO of a raw rubber factory, said: We will do our best to guarantee the supply of raw rubber and rubber compounds in Dongguan, because Dongguan is a famous global brand manufacturing city, and the domestic silicone export manufacturing enterprises are the densest place, and the annual export volume of silicone products is the largest.

The global market is waiting for new signals and guidance. After more than a year of impact from the epidemic abroad, foreign rubber brands such as Dow, Shin-Etsu, and Wacker are looking forward to further releasing production restrictions. Dow plans to substantially increase exports in the next year. The proportion of raw rubber sales in Asia, especially in China, has started a battle for market share.

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