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Push up steady price!! Silicone hit 500 again!

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107 rubber market: recently, the domestic 107 rubber overall light trading, wait-and-see mood, last week the mainstream monomer factory 107 rubber offer up 500 yuan/ton, 107 rubber offer 33,000 yuan/ton. Because 107 rubber manufacturers inventory downward circulation resistance is large. Even under the support of DMC, 107 rubber also shows bright rise and dark fall, and even has inverted phenomenon with DMC. In order to cope with the depressed situation of orders, some monomer factories have production reduction operation of 107 rubber production line.

From the demand side, the current domestic construction adhesive and photovoltaic adhesive industry market continues to downturn, silicone adhesive giant as a core customer has suffered heavy losses, the current upstream profit is not optimistic. Especially in November, the traditional off-season, the real estate fell into a downturn stage, so that silicone rubber manufacturers received poor orders, inventory consumption is slow, stocking mentality tired.

In the short term, the factory price of 107 rubber this week is mostly stable, and some manufacturers are still operating in favor of Yin decline. The downstream wait-and-see sentiment is difficult to eliminate in the short term, and most of them maintain replenishment on demand. In the afternoon, 107 rubber market lack of obvious good, can really stop the decline of rebound also have to wait and see downstream acceptance.

Silicon oil market: Last week, under the overall upward situation of DMC offer, the silicon oil market is stable. Now the mainstream price of silicon oil market is 38,000-40,000 yuan/ton. At present, the imported silicone oil continues to be higher than the domestic silicone oil, resulting in a depressed domestic transaction. The agent's offer is lowered from a high level, with a wide range of 55,000-60,000 yuan/ton, and a weekly drop of 5,000 yuan/ton. However, there is still a large deviation from the domestic price. Domestic agents are in a dilemma.

On the demand side, domestic textile, silica gel, daily chemical demand for silicone oil is average, the downstream market is obviously weak, trading atmosphere is not good. However, the high price of foreign silicone oil led to the influx of large quantities of orders into the domestic market, and November was the peak time for overseas customers to stock up for the first quarter. In addition, the market plummeted from October to November, and foreign trade enterprises suppressed orders. After the recent stabilization and rebound, export orders were released rapidly, forming a wave of strong stock up. As far as we know, the recent batch of centralized export orders need to be delivered in early or middle December. It is unclear whether export orders will continue to be hot in December.

At present, the silicone oil market is both bad and good, manufacturers are cautious, fast in and fast out, silicone oil prices are expected to be stable in the short term.

Raw rubber market: silicone rebound recently, the raw rubber market performance is optimistic, on Friday, the overall raw rubber rose 500 yuan/ton, the manufacturer quoted 34,500-35,000 yuan/ton. At present, the delivery of raw rubber from the single factory is smooth, the inventory pressure is gradually reduced, and the phenomenon of concession of profit is fading. The compound rubber just needs to fill the warehouse more actively. However, due to the frequent adjustment of local DMC last week, some of the compound rubber factories in place are inevitably cautious about the future market and turn to a small amount of stock filling.

Mixed rubber market: raw rubber rose again, strong support for mixed rubber, because the low stock of mixed rubber in the first two weeks is more, the mixed rubber manufacturers did not follow up the price increase last week, mainly stable, the market price around 28000-30000 yuan/ton range. And as the price of raw rubber tends to be rational, there is no limit to the impact of electricity. The operating rate of the rubber mixing plant has also returned to normal. The expansion project that was suspended before has also begun to be actively promoted recently.

The market of downstream silicon products is gradually stabilizing, and the order situation is good, but the profits of manufacturers are recovering a little, and the end of the year is an important stage of capital recovery, so the chase is still inclined to be cautious, and the mix glue is maintained on demand. On the whole, the high-temperature rubber industry chain is recovering well. It is expected that in the downstream market of differentiation, the raw rubber market will continue to rise slightly to boost the room temperature rubber market, while the mixed rubber market is mainly stable and fluctuated.

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