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Price rises, out of stock storm more intense! Silicone upstream and downstream production, production spread!

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Silicon oil market: last week, the silicon oil market by the raw material DMC high pressure out of stock strong upward driven, the center of gravity continues to move up. Methyl silicone oil overall offer in 1500 yuan/ton or so. As the supply of DMC in the single factory is in short supply, weekly limited time limit orders, resulting in the operating rate of silicone oil manufacturers decline, production has been difficult to improve, most silicone oil manufacturers mainly supply core customers, retail investors suspend orders. Demand, domestic downstream of high prices have been relatively resist, but has been strong demand overseas for silicone oil, part of the silicone oil factory of export orders have to October, there are foreign brand silicone oil, mainly with foreign markets is given priority to, also supply on the domestic agents has been reduced, so the imported raw materials in a tight state for a long time, the price also with the domestic a rising tide lifts all boats. In the short term, costs continue to rise, silicone oil manufacturers start production at low load or stage production, spot supply is tight, and the price has continued to rise.

Raw rubber and mixed rubber market: raw rubber still opened the door of the market in September with a rise, and went further and further on the road of price increase. Last week, the raw rubber increased by 1500 yuan/ton again, and the mainstream quotation is 38500-39,000 yuan/ton. Only a few manufacturers have spot goods, and most of the raw rubber factories still need about 10 days to receive orders and deliver goods. From the supply side, due to the overhaul of partial monomer units, the raw rubber production capacity will also decline, and it has been difficult to meet the fresh purchase demand of mixed rubber. The raw rubber supply gap may continue, and the price is still expected to rise.

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