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Pre-treatment of printed grey fabric?

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Before printing knitted fabrics, it is necessary to perform pre-treatments such as de-impurities and bleaching on knitted fabrics to improve their wearability and appearance quality, and to prepare for the subsequent printing process. The technological process is:

Grey cloth → bleaching (oxygen bleaching) → softening → dehydration → drying → SANTAX secondary setting. ?

Precautions for pre-processing:

a. The pre-treatment of knitted fabrics is mostly rope processing, and the organization is looser, so weft skew phenomenon often occurs. If it is a floral pattern, the weft skew problem can be appropriately relaxed, and if it is a lattice pattern, the weft skew requirement is higher. Therefore, check the weft oblique direction before slitting the seam to make it consistent; and make proper corrections when cutting the ends to reduce this phenomenon. ?

b. Attention should be paid to washing and brighteners and other additives, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the color fastness, and thermal discoloration of the paint colorant will occur. ?

c. The door width should be fixed before printing, generally about 103% of the finished door width; in order to reduce the post-press widening range, and reduce the arc-shaped flower skew produced by the post-press setting. ?

d. In order not to affect the coloring of the subsequent paint, the grey fabric is generally not added with softener before printing, but in order to achieve the softness required by the customer for the cylindrical fabric, we have carefully adjusted it and only added half of the self-made film in the softening process. This will not affect the color strength, and the fork can get a good feel.

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