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Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

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Polyvinyl acetate emulsion commonly known as white latex, which is composed of vinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, butyl acetate, and other materials and polymer emulsion polymerization, it has a strong cohesive force, fast drying, and the advantages of good waterproof performance, can be used for interior wall latex paint, glue, paper, wood processing, such as plush fiber bonding, and home decoration ideal adhesive.

The performance characteristics of

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive commonly known as: milky white

Chemical properties: water based product

Purpose: building adhesive

Product classification: adhesive paint series

Product description: milky white glue is a milky white viscous liquid made by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer in initiator, protective glue and other materials.

Product type: Vinyl acetate polymer

Scope of application: mainly used as adhesive for wood, textile, coating, paper processing, construction and other industries.

Technical parameters

Item Specifications Item specifications

Appearance milky white thick liquid solid content (wt%) 40-50

Freeze thaw stability 5 cycles through viscosity (MPA. a) 8000-18000

Compression shear strength wet strength ≥2.3 thermal stability 40℃ oven 30 days through

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