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Performance and application of silicone softener agent

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Various amino -modified silicon oil emulsion soft agents are widely used in the collation of textiles such as cotton, silk, hair, polyester, and other textiles. Textile auxiliary is a chemicals necessary for the production and processing of textiles. Textile aids have an indispensable and important role in improving the product quality and added value of textiles. It can not only give textiles a variety of special functions and styles such as soft, wrinkles, anti -shrinkable, waterproof, antibacterial, antichattering, flame retardant, flame retardant Wait, you can also improve the dyeing process, play a role in saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile aids are crucial to improving the overall level of the textile industry and the role of the textile industry chain. The sorted fabrics are soft, smooth, aesthetic, washing resistance and wearing comfort. This product has been accepted. Its shortcomings are mainly manifested in light -colored and white fabrics organized by it. During use, they will have different degrees of yellowing or milk -breaking and bleaching oil. There is a sticky roller phenomenon during the soaking process. The sorted fabric hydrophobicity is poor and uncomfortable. In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional amino silicone oil, people have adopted a variety of methods to modify it, including side chain polyether modification, epoxy modification, or carboxyl alterlation. Improve the stability of modified silicon oil. But this contact is biased. In the late 1990s, from the perspective of molecular design, a linear co -concentration was proposed from the amino groups on the silicide osteoothing sore to synthesize a new type of linear amino polyether. Make the entire polysilicide combined with the surface of the fabric firmly, maintaining the original softness and smoothness of polysiloxane. The hydrophilic polyether chain section of the fiber surface exists on the fiber surface in a inverted form. The water molecules on the fiber Surface migration is not hindered. The formation of softness and hydrophilicity is a new stage of the development of organic silicon soft agents, and it is also the future development direction.

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