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Partnering to enable more efficient and sustainable crop production

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Successful farming depends on a broad range of solutions to maximize plant growth, minimize resource use and protect crops. From increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides to enhancing the performance of irrigation systems, we offer innovative products and technical capabilities to help agrichemical formulators and farmers: 

· Decrease crop loss to insects, weeds and disease with improved agrichemical formulations 

· Efficiently deliver nutrients and water to plant root systems 

· Enable pesticide synthesis with reliable building blocks 

· Conserve water with innovative irrigation technologies


Benefits to growing crops:

Silicon will boost the strength of cells and increase the speed at which growth can be created so will optimise overall growth potential.

Silicon aids the balance of nutrient uptake by the plant by addressing the silicon requirement thereby reducing, competition for uptake against other essential elements

Silicon reinforces leaf cuticle and other epidermal tissues to reduce susceptibility to pathogenic and pest pressure.

Unlike many silicon products it is safe on crops at recommended rates.

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