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Organic silicon raw materials prices rise

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At the beginning of 2021, many industries such as chemicals, plastics, metals, packaging materials, etc. have begun to exert efforts, and product prices have risen across the board. Some materials have actually set new peaks in the past 10 years.


Silicone DMC: Eight price adjustments in March! High-end offer breaks through 30,000 yuan/ton

After the Spring Festival, the domestic silicone DMC market rose sharply, the upstream and downstream transmission was smooth, and the market transaction atmosphere was good. By the end of February, the silicone DMC market had increased the silicone DMC ex-factory price four times after the holiday. According to the data monitoring of the business agency After the holiday, the average price increased by 1,100 yuan/ton, and the high-end offer price of silicone DMC from a large Shandong factory rose to 23,500 yuan/ton. The factory raised its price four times after the holiday, accumulating an increase of 1,700 yuan/ton.


As of March 17, the average price of organic silicon DMC market quotations in mainstream areas of data monitoring is 28,833 yuan/ton. Compared with the price on March 1, 2021 (reference price 23666 yuan/ton), the average price is increased by 5167 yuan/ton. , An increase of 21.83%; compared with the price before the Spring Festival (the reference price of 21,533 yuan/ton on February 11, 2021), the average price was raised by 7,300 yuan/ton, and the total increase after the holiday was 33.90%.


Entering March, the trend of organic silicon DMC continued to be strong, and the market rose "like a bamboo". The export of downstream silica gel products performed well. The demand for organic silicon DMC raw materials continued to increase. Driven by the upward price of organic silicon DMC, the silica gel market also continued to rise. , The upstream and downstream have formed a strong situation of mutual support. Most of the silicone DMC factories began to close their orders without reporting, and orders were received in limited quantities. The spot on the spot was tight, and it was hard to find a single order.


As of March 17, in more than half a month, the silicone DMC market has increased its DMC ex-factory price 8 times, with a total increase of over 5,000 yuan/ton. On the 16th, Shandong Luxi once again raised the ex-factory price of silicone DMC to 30,200 yuan/ton. This also created the largest single-day increase of 1100 yuan/ton for silicone DMC in the past half month. So far, the high-end offer price of silicone DMC has exceeded 30,000. The average price of organic silicon DMC is 28,833 yuan/ton. Compared with the beginning of March, the price has increased by 5167 yuan/ton, an increase of 21.83%.


Since the holiday, the domestic organic silicon DMC market price has been raised 13 times, and the price has risen by more than 7,300 yuan/ton. The total increase after the holiday is nearly 34%.

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