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Organic silicon price trend forecast in July

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, 107 rubber in the support of the cost of stability in the local rise, and the sudden cracking plant parking event has also strengthened the new material 107 rubber price confidence, now the mainstream offer is 31000-31500 yuan/ton. At present, monomer factory 107 rubber row list is full, other medium and small 107 rubber factory limited high-priced raw materials, procurement and production on demand, market supply is still tight. However, the terminal seems to have entered a slow period in the near future. Some construction projects are affected by weather and cost, and the procurement of silicone rubber is weakened. Under the pressure of profit, some medium and small silicone rubber factories reduce production to cope with it. But this year, the photovoltaic glue demand has increased significantly, 107 glue manufacturers still have pre-sale orders have not been delivered, there is no inventory pressure in the short term, so it seems that manufacturers hold a strong attitude towards the price. Pressure on the demand side may curb gains as new orders slow down.

Silicone oil market: last week, under the strong support of high DMC, silicone oil manufacturers increased under the pressure of cost, and under the high price of raw materials, the manufacturers mostly maintained the rigid demand to buy, the inventory was low, and most of the orders were taken by the core old customers. At present, the downstream demand is general, and the raw material market is reluctant to let go. The profits of downstream manufacturers are continuously squeezed, and their resistance to high prices is increasingly strong. However, due to the shortage of raw material reserves, an appropriate amount of purchasing and replenishing positions are still needed. Imported material silicone oil due to rising costs, this month on the domestic agents and reduced supply, resulting in imported material silicone oil continues to be high, the price is much higher than the domestic silicone oil, so most of the downstream can not bear, traders high transaction is also general. Overall, the recent silicon oil market to high consolidation, part of the actual transaction may yield.

Cracking material market: Due to the frequent safety accidents in Hubei Province recently and the upcoming 100th week celebration, all cracking material factories in the area of Zaoyang were stopped for rectification last week. Under the sudden attack, the supply of cracking material market was extremely tight. In the case of the original order being full, other cracking material factories were even more cautious to sell. And waste silica gel in the majority of cracking LiaoChang after shutdown, in succession to shipment, and cracking LiaoChang environmental supervision, on the one hand, avoid the waste silicone inventory should not be stored too much, on the other hand also want to bargain, but waste silica gel has been or is not high, this year fell space is limited, this week the waste silicone merchants to cracking LiaoChang burrs quotation 7500-7800 yuan/tons. For now, profits are expected to rise again at the cracker plants, although more are planned to start production in the second half of the year, driven by tighter regulation. It is expected that in the short term, the price of waste silica gel is mainly weak and stable, and the supply of cracking material silicone oil and 107 glue is tight, and the focus of transaction remains upward.

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