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Organic silicon price latest trend forecast

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Silicon market opened on the start of the rise! Zhang! Zhang! The rhythm! In the first increase in the West DMC 700 yuan/ton, and a variety of chemical materials rise under the contrast, the bullish sentiment of the industry continues to pull up, traders and downstream also successively cover positions after the holiday, silicone market "a good start" scene highlighted. At present, some single factories are still delivering pre-holiday orders. As the bullish mood continues to rise and downstream inquiries for goods increase, orders from various manufacturers will further increase, and limited orders may appear again. The current mainstream quotation of DMC is 22,300-22,500 yuan/ton. In the short term, silicone is still in the upward channel, under the impact of positive, bullish market sentiment in this week will continue to heat up......


107 silicone rubber market: this week 107, raised in the glue price stability increases expected in 500-1000 yuan/tons, because this year in response to "on New Year's day", most of the construction engineering construction will advance into the state, the downstream silicone rubber enterprises will also be faster recovery after purchase, and monomer factory first order is more, 107 glue start mood optimistic, combined with the DMC prices form the cost of support, a variety of positive factors superposition, 107 glue price increase is expected. Follow-up in March the traditional peak season is coming, downstream cover strength may increase the image, 107 glue trend is expected to be strong in the short term, market prices may continue to rush.


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