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Organic silicon market "undercurrent" surging! Is a turning point imminent?

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107 silicone rubber market: last week 107 rubber market basically stable, a small number of enterprises to adjust the offer. Fundamentals, 107 glue market optimism, silicone rubber stable orders, domestic terminal construction starts and ascend, good fundamentals, but the shandong area affected by the environmental protection supervision, many small silicone rubber suspend production, coupled with the recent DMC high volatile, downstream enterprises and high wait-and-see, trading in medium and long term just need customer give priority to, more less throwaway. At present, 107 rubber manufacturers are mainly produced by single, the new single delivery is not ideal, and traders tend to ship positively. The source of imported goods is still maintaining a high level of operation, the recent arrival of goods to supply pre-orders, new transactions are relatively quiet. On the whole, 107 glue market stability in the weakening, is expected to deal profit.

Silicone oil market: last week domestic silicone oil market prices as a whole stabilized, firm transaction is slow. On the cost side, the price trend of DMC is generally stable, with some minor adjustments, and the cost support is stable. Demand side, due to the current high market, the downstream stalemate wait and see, the atmosphere is quiet. On the supply side, although the market supply is slightly increased compared with the previous period, fortunately, the current warehouse is keeping a low level, silicone oil manufacturers still have a good price power. Part of the traders for the fall bag for Ann, transaction to yield. Supply of imports to maintain a tight pattern, the agent price meaning is strong, and there is a long-term trend, the downstream will slightly cool. Silicone oil is expected to weaken in the short term, stable in a small profit to promote transactions.

Cracking stock market: Recent cracking material market price is confusion, because the new material in the market has fallen, cracking material manufacturer for afternoon's price is lack of confidence, the recent cracking material manufacturer is profitable, is blocked in the face of high order, each manufacturer also have greatly difference operation, quality, the manufacturer of power is strong, the early orders, compact row of single, now offer high unchanged, part of the small capacity, Early orders and did not dare to receive too much, blocked in the high transaction, the appropriate concession to facilitate delivery, leading to the current price difference of each cracking material factory 2000-3000 yuan/ton. Conducted to the waste silica gel market, the transaction is also very depressed, at present the waste silica gel burr on the cracking material factory offer down to about 7000-7200 yuan/ton. Most of the cracker factory to consume raw stock mainly, the general price reduction of raw edge. It is expected that the cracking market will weaken in the short term, and the manufacturers will pursue different profit points, and the quotation will continue to be chaotic.

Raw rubber, mixed rubber market: raw rubber supply last week is still tight, offer continued stability. The production schedule of raw rubber manufacturers is still high. Although the DMC is stable and scattered, the stock of mixed rubber is cautious, but the supply shortage of raw rubber has not been completely alleviated. Traders spot supply is also limited, in the raw rubber factory price, will not greatly let the benefit of orders, mixed rubber factory raw rubber inventory is still low, high and low with the right amount of procurement. At present, the new single transaction of mixed rubber tends to be dull, silica gel products factories change their positive mentality of stocking up, purchasing or consuming pre-material preparation on demand. Some mixed rubber enterprises worry about the weakening of the market, and are actively delivering pre-orders. Due to the raw glue cost support is still in, the price of mixed glue is expected to remain stable this month, the order volume of enterprises may have a narrow fall.

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