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Organic silicon, gas silicon, metal silicon, polysilicon latest price and trend analysis

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Organic silicon  

Last week, THE price of DMC rose, a number of single factories have resumed operation, DMC supply will gradually recover; However, there are still many cases of single factory sealing, and the price of mainstream DMC has risen to 31500 yuan/ton. 107, raw rubber, silicone oil price rise; Domestic silicone oil supply is sufficient, demand is weak; Affected by the downstream market to fill positions, 107 rubber demand picked up, tight supply; Raw rubber is mainly pre-sold, the supply is tight; Affected by market demand and holidays, silicone market is expected to fluctuate and maintain stability in the short term.  

Gas silicon  

China's gas phase silica market supply is tight, the price continues to explore a small rise. Raw materials, this week tetrachloride silicon prices and a methyl trichlorosilane prices stable. Due to the influence of some enterprises' maintenance and downstream pre-stocking, the supply of gas and silicon market is further strained; The price of raw materials is temporarily stable, and the cost support is stable. However, new production capacity will come on stream around the Spring Festival, and supply will increase after the holiday. The gas phase silica market is expected to move sideways in the short term.  

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