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Organic silicon defoamer

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As an important additive in industry, defoamer has been widely used in many fields such as textile, paper making, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and so on.It can be roughly divided into non - silicon and silicon - based defoamer.Silicon defoaming agent is the main components of silicone oil/silica (gas phase silica) silicone oil paste and modified silicone oil as defoaming agent, is the most widely used, the most efficient kind of defoaming agent.

The important indexes of emulsion silicone oil defoaming agent are defoaming effect and storage stability, especially silicone paste emulsion.There are many factors influencing the stability of emulsion, such as emulsion particle size, emulsion viscosity and so on.Emulsion particle size is the most important control index of emulsion defoamer, generally the particle size is less than 10um.The size of emulsion depends on the choice of emulsifier, emulsifying process and particle size.

Gas phase silica (white carbon black by gas phase method) is an extremely fine nano-scale amorphous silica obtained by condensation of halosilane in high warm water in hydrogen and oxygen flame, and its original particle size is about 7-40nm.The silica emulsion particles containing silica black form a very small and large number of basic defoaming units in the foaming solution, so that the defoaming agent can achieve the best defoaming effect.Meanwhile, due to small particle size, large specific surface area and stable three-dimensional network structure of hydrogen bond, the silica particles can be evenly and stably distributed in the whole system, which makes the storage of the system stable.Therefore, the gas phase silicon dioxide in defoaming agent as a very good thickening anti sedimentation agent, generally should choose the specific surface area of 200 ~ 300m2/g model.To sum up, the gas phase silica silicone oil paste plays a very important role in compound and synergistic effect as an active substance in silicone oil defoaming agent, which greatly improves the defoaming efficiency of silicone oil.

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