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Longji encounter against the silicone market impact?

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Lonji, the leading photovoltaic company, has been in trouble recently. After the 40.31MW module products of Lonji Green Energy, a stepson company, were detained by the US Customs, the company officially announced on November 3 that it had received a temporary cross-border ban formally served by the Dutch bailian.

Lonji announced that, first of all, this time due to temporary detention order (WRO) by the United States Customs detained component products total 40.31MW, accounting for about 1.59% of the company's 2020 annual export sales to the United States, the company is still in the normal delivery of the United States market to meet customer demand in the United States market.It's unclear whether this will be just the beginning, though the company claims no impact.

Longji shares is a leading enterprise in the downstream of photovoltaic modules, and photovoltaic is the most important use of polysilicon in the downstream. At the same time, photovoltaic modules support the demand for silicone is also high. This year, the demand for silicone is strong in the downstream, and the demand for photovoltaic and other new energy has a great relationship.

If it is only targeted by individual countries such as the United States, it will have a limited impact on the industry, but if other European and American countries jointly target, it may have a greater impact on the industry, affecting the entire silicon industry.

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