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Local rise again, this wave of high prices "protracted war", can there be a change at the end of the month? Silicone latest trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, in the raw material DMC stable in part of the situation of rising, the cost of 107 glue support is stable, the downstream hope to fall again disappointed, had to fill positions at high price, so the new single deal volume, 107 rubber row single shipment will be extended. Demand side, the country has entered the high temperature rainy season, construction site construction conditions resulting in the overall demand for building materials is not very good. Because the trend of commodity prices continues to rise this year, and the supply is not very smooth, affecting the progress of the project, the side also affects the supply and demand of other building materials, the continuation of silicone glue just need to purchase. And silicone rubber enterprises in the weather and the impact of cost pressure only increase, with the rise is difficult to be positive, but in low inventory, still need to purchase 107 glue according to their own situation. In the short term, 107 offers are still high and stable.

Silicone oil market: last week, under the stable DMC rising market, silicone oil enterprises to increase the confidence of price. From the supply side, environmental supervision, weak demand and high costs and other factors increase the operating pressure of silicone oil enterprises, silicone oil enterprises are also cautious procurement, inventory remains low, the single period is still long. From the demand side, from July to August, most of the downstream silicone rubber and textile markets are in the traditional off-season, and because of the difficulty in easing the cost pressure, the start-up rate has decreased, and the high-priced purchase of silicone oil is weak. At present, in the market and pull up the market, the downstream is still many inquiries and small batch orders. Silicone oil imports continue to run at a high level, the increase in domestic bullish sentiment to promote the agent price mentality. However, the acceptance of high prices of raw materials in the downstream is declining day by day, and the actual turnover is difficult to improve in the short term. Xiaobian thinks that the recent silicon oil price is greatly restricted by the raw material cost, so DMC is still the biggest factor affecting the silicon oil market trend.

Cracking material market: this year, is absolutely the highlight moment of cracking material manufacturers, the product has been rising repeatedly, the supply exceeds the demand, and the waste silica gel has always remained low, three times small pull up all ended in failure, last week, the waste silica gel in the pull up and then back, this week held steady, now the price of cracking material factory to maintain 7500-7800 yuan/ton. And last week's small rise in the new material market, and promote the heart of cracking material manufacturers price, and the continued high price of new material, so that the downstream demand for cracking material continues to increase, fortunately, the original plan to stop the cracking material factory, is expected to be extended to early August shutdown. Under the high profit of some cracking material factories, the price of pre-receiving orders in August can be negotiated, and the spot price needs to be increased. At present, cracking material manufacturers' orders are generally arranged to August.

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