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Liquid baby silicone rubber

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he development of baby bottles

Milk bottle, is used to hold the milk of a utensil, generally used for the baby. The bottle itself does not contain a pacifier, only refers to the bottle body, but generally baby bottle manufacturers will give a pacifier with the bottle.

For baby bottles in the baby bottles, in terms of raw materials, can be divided into: glass bottles and plastic bottles.

The material of plastic milk bottles is generally:

PC,PP,PA,PES,PPSU, silica gel.

All but PC contain no bisphenol A (BPA).

1st generation 1G (Glass)

Second generation 2G (Plastic)

The third generation 3G (Silicone)

Advantages of liquid silicone baby bottles:

First, safe and harmless:

All food grade silicone material, non-stick oil, can the environmental monitoring by the state administration of quality supervision, the international SGS certification and so on, at the same time as the food-grade non-toxic tasteless transparent liquid silicone molding, resistant to high temperature of 250 ℃, shorten the rate will be lower than 0.1%, can be used for the pacifier, infant supplies, medical supplies and electronic products, suitable for injection molding process.

Two, economical and affordable: made of food-grade silica gel, resistant to falling is not easy to break, compared with the previous generations of products more reassuring, peace of mind.

Three, easy to carry:

When going out, you can separate several pacifiers and bottles (silicone part) and put them together. Reduced volume, easy to carry.

Four, there will be no smell:

Silica gel is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic raw material, food or liquid stored for a long time will not produce the taste of plastic or rubber containers, can maintain freshness.

Five, washing, disinfection convenient:

Can thoroughly clean all parts of the bottle, without a bottle brush can also be cleaned clean. Also, disinfecting in boiling water or in the microwave won't cause deformation. Silicone milk bottle than the general plastic milk bottle heat, long time disinfection will not be a problem. After removing the plastic parts, sterilize only the silicone bottles and pacifiers by placing them in water. (Disinfection: once or twice a week).

What is a good pacifier liquid silicone

I. Nipple liquid silica gel has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safe and environmental protection, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade;

Two, nipple liquid silica gel is suitable for injection molding process, resistance to yellowing, heat aging, excellent tear strength;

Three, the nipple liquid silicone raw material comparison of thousands, choose super, after trial will not let you regret, according to customer requirements of special production;

Colorful product extension

Nipple liquid silica gel is suitable for: baby silica gel baby bottles, pacifiers, kitchen silica gel supplies, diving goggles, cake trays and other injection molding silica gel products, products fully meet the ROHS and other environmental requirements, can pass the FDA certificate.

How to buy the right pacifier

A qualified silica gel pacifier must be non-toxic, tasteless and transparent color, using 100% food grade (imported) silica gel material;

Two, very soft and elastic, the nipple can be extended up to 5mm long, so that the baby's tongue can move as freely as when sucking breast milk;

Three, the silicone pacifier adopts super soft silica gel, the thickness is twice the ordinary pacifier, so the baby will not be damaged in the process of sucking, and the long-term bite resistance will not be damaged;

Four, generally qualified silica gel ah, you are the most automatic machinery production, automatic production process without manual intervention, to ensure the most safe and environmentally friendly production process;

5. The design and tactile sensation like real breasts make babies feel as if they are sucking breast milk in the process of sucking;

Six, inherit the excellent characteristics of silica gel products, high temperature resistance, weather resistance, can adapt to repeated high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave oven, chemical corrosion and other safety operations;

Seven. At the same time, the silicone pacifier will not stick together with food, and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned after washing with water.

Eight, qualified silica gel nipple has a long life, generally can be used for more than 10 years;

Nine, qualified silica gel pacifiers need to meet the relevant European en14350-2 children's products safety inspection standards, and FDA certification;

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