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Levelling agent for reactive dyes

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For the dyeing of cellulose fibers, the proportion of reactive dyes is currently the largest. Reactive dyes are water-soluble dyes containing reactive groups that can chemically combine with macromolecules such as cotton, wool, silk, etc., so the soaping and friction of dyed fabrics The fastness is very high. Commonly used levelling agents generally include non-ionic surfactants:

The hydrophobic groups of commonly used 1F ionic surfactants can be higher alcohols, higher fatty acids, higher alkyl amines, etc. The hydrophobic groups are above C12, and long-chain alkyl groups of C16 and C18 are ideal, which can be affinity with polyoxyethylene The water base forms the connection form of ether bond, ester bond, amine bond and so on. Commonly used leveling agent Pingping 0, leveling agent 102 and leveling agent OP have a certain leveling effect on reactive dyes. For example, the leveling agent WE for wool, which is aliphatic amine polyoxyethylene ether, is of non-ionic/weak cationic type. It is mainly used as a leveling agent for reactive dyeing of wool. It can increase the amount of color. It is good for slow dyeing without Affects the percentage of dyeing, and it has excellent leveling effect when used in medium, neutral, weak acid and metal complex dyes.


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