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Levelling agent for disperse dyes

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When dyeing polyester with split dyes, it has good level dyeing properties and high fastness of all dyeings. At present, the high temperature and high pressure dyeing method of disperse dyes is mostly used in polyester dyeing process, but it is difficult to color dark dyes and causes environmental pollution. Therefore, polyester simulation technology and its

Product development is the most active research topic in the textile industry in the past two decades. The superfine polyester fabric has a fast color absorption rate, and an appropriate leveling agent should be added to the dye bath to improve leveling. The leveling agent should have the following conditions:

(1) good retardation effect;

(2) good migration effect;

(3) good dispersion effect, especially at higher temperature (such as 80120 ℃) Dispersing effect on dyes;

(4) Does not affect dye uptake and shade;

(5) Good stability to hard water and various heavy metal ions. For example, the leveling agent RDP=2000 is made by reacting polyhydric alcohol with aromatic acid, and then compounded with emulsifier. It is a non-ionic and anionic compound leveling agent. RDP-2000 has strong permeability and dye migration, which can improve the high temperature dispersion of disperse dyes to a certain extent.

 The advantages are:

(1) simple application and good effect;

(2) wide process adaptability;

(3) can effectively inhibit tar spots and color spots:

(4) no adverse effects on the shade and fastness of the dye. The new polyester high-temperature levelling agent WYR-1 is developed by using sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, sodium lauryl polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, polyoxyethylene;

(5) glycerin cocoate and surfactant WYR. The performance test and application show that WYR-1 has good dye dispersibility, level dyeing property, migration and dyeing rate, low bubble point and cloud point higher than 100℃.

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