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Leveling Agent for Reactive Dyes

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Anionic surfactant:

Anionic dispersing levelling agent belongs to dye affinity levelling agent. Its advantages are as follows:

Leveling agent EDER has a certain chelating and dispersing adjustment function for calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions to improve the quality of dyes;

In the dyeing and adsorption stage, it has excellent retarding performance and controls the dye to be dyed and adsorbed uniformly;

In the fixing stage, buffer the pH of the dye bath to ensure that the dye is fixed smoothly and evenly to avoid uneven fixing;

No adverse effect on fabric dyeing fastness.

Cotton dispersing levelling agent CY-312K is a new type of leveling agent for dyeing cellulose fibers with reactive dyes. In addition to its excellent dispersion and leveling effect, it also prevents calcium, magnesium and other metal ions and dyes. Secondary coagulation causes the effect of dye spots; it does not affect the final color and has low foaming.

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