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Latest silicone price forecast

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-01      Origin: Site


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Last week, the silicone oil market quotation chaos, domestic manufacturers of silicone oil chaos, and dow silicone oil due to the shutdown of the device and delayed supply, the current silicone oil market price does not have much reference, high and low deviation is huge. In November, driven by the "peak" of the textile industry and the high cost of DMC, the price of silicone oil keeps rising, and the general profitability of silicone oil enterprises is relatively good. Because textile enterprise demand drops sharply this month, silicone rubber is also facing the low season market, the demand side cannot continue to follow up. At present, silicone oil companies are in a dilemma, both the cost side and the demand side are falling back, the price correction is inevitable, but the imported silicone oil has decided to delay the supply, the subsequent market may be possible to turn, so many silicone oil manufacturers on whether to actively follow the decline is more confused. In the short term, domestic high price silicone oil still has room to decline, imported materials silicone oil because of tight supply, agents or high prices continue.

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