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Latest 107 glue price forecast - 2021.1

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In December, 107 glue first enter a state of digestion gains, organic silicon crazy prices made in November 2020, 107 high, due to the effect of the temperature drops, the terminal construction decoration industry operating at lower, just need to drop to the downstream of the silicone rubber, silicone rubber factory, in turn, more resistant high raw material, 107 glue market orders, cold and cheerless, new factory library club library are rising, on shipment phenomenon more frequent, the market clinch a deal the centre of gravity is correspondingly low. In terms of raw materials, DMC prices dropped sharply, and cost support dropped sharply. At present 107 glue spot market interwoven, Dow Zhangjiagang device has not yet resumed driving, agents maintain a firm offer, but the domestic market high inventory and traditional downstream demand is not good enough to suppress the fundamentals are difficult to effectively improve. Overall, a start in 2021, 107 glue overall pattern is empty, but before the silicone rubber factory how much to prepare some goods, but the bottom price has not yet reached the psychological expectation, temporary wait and see, so the short-term market key point to see the downstream manufacturers stock situation.


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