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In the last week of 2021, silicone price can "up"?

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In 2021, the market will close, DMC also gradually stopped falling to rise. According to the transaction situation of various products last week, the price of DMC and 107 rubber is relatively strong shock, and the shipment is smooth. Some enterprises suspend receiving orders. Last week, the local monomer factory of DMC increased by 1800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation is 24,500-25500 yuan/ton. The price of chemical grade silicon metal decreased by 300 YUAN/ton within a week, and now the quoted price is 2500-23000 Yuan/ton at Huangpu Port, which has little influence on the silicone market.

The main reason for this price rebound is that in the early wait-and-see period, the inventory of downstream room temperature glue generally fell to a low level, some large factories began to fill positions in appropriate amount, and the single factory receiving orders improved one after another, which was favorable for market offers. But at the same time, the high temperature glue market is slightly weak under the giant game, affecting the bullish sentiment of some operators. Is this week driven by DMC overall rise, or is the mix rubber bidding and fall again? Overall, in the last week of 2021, pushing up price stability is the basic operation.

107 rubber market: last week 107 rubber market price trend bottomed out, with the early 107 rubber prices continue to fall to the bottom, attracting downstream admission stock. Domestic 107 rubber offer range 25000-25500 yuan/ton, weekly increase of 3.09%. From the supply side, due to the phenomenon of production reduction of 107 rubber device in the early stage, so after the start of centralized stocking in the downstream, 107 rubber manufacturers' inventory quickly eased, and in the case of the rising DMC, some manufacturers began to temporarily not accept orders, further stimulate the downstream bullish sentiment.

From the perspective of demand side, after 107 rubber factory multiple benefits row, the price reached the inflection point, silicone rubber factory staged demand showed a significant increase, in addition to the strengthening of the trend of real estate stability, downstream pre-holiday stocking willingness also began to appear. However, due to the low price of high temperature rubber last week, it disturbed the purchasing psychology of manufacturers. Some silicone rubber manufacturers still reserved the purchase of 107 rubber, and they just need to follow up.

Overall, the downstream silicone rubber manufacturers have been ready, cost and demand are good 107 rubber trend, but high temperature rubber is still a drag on 107 rubber price, 107 rubber market is expected to rise in the short term.

Silicon oil market: Last week, with the resumption of production of Zhangjiagang plant, the quotation of agents was lowered at a high level, and the domestic silicone oil market offer lost significant positive support. The offer gradually kept pace with the cost and returned to the conventional profit point. Now the mainstream quotation of the domestic silicone oil market is 29000-32,000 yuan/ton, with a slight decline in price. However, the export orders of silicone oil manufacturers are still good, the shipment is smooth, and the inventory of domestic silicone oil manufacturers is temporarily under no pressure.

Demand side, the domestic is impacted by the public health event, zhejiang, dongguan and other parts of the textile auxiliaries manufacturer starts fell, silicone oil demand is given priority to with export orders, although foreign brand silicone oil price trend, but remained domestic silicone oil price advantage of space, foreign trade companies lock list will be ahead of schedule, silicone oil factory is still a long row of single period. According to customs data, the export volume of polysiloxane exceeded 40,000 tons in November, with a month-on-month increase of 29.67%. Hit a new high for the year.

In the short term, silicone oil with DMC price without worry. Subsequently, with the restart of foreign installations, the supply of silicone oil increased, which had a certain impact on the domestic silicone oil export.

Cracking stock market: With the gradual rise of the new material market, cracking material market trading also tends to pick up, shipping to change the decline before, the price goes up 1500-2000 yuan/ton, cracking material DMC quoted 23000-23500 yuan/ton (excluding taxes), but the profit did not rise, waste silica gel with the new material rising, the increase is also up to 2000 yuan/ton, At present, the waste silica gel recycler offers the raw edge of the cracking material factory at 10,000-10,500 yuan/ton; Cracking and new material inversion phenomenon still not improve, also good monomer factory silicone oil, 107 glue supply tight, downstream of high cracking as well, but for the flash price increases too fast and the supply of goods is not much, under the conditions of pyrolysis is expected to receive careful, along with the more cost quotation again order, and good quality cracking material silicone oil factory, export orders to January, more normal profit. Overall, cracking material market in the new material continued to rise, transaction atmosphere improved, but the cost is too high, profit is still a drop in the ocean.

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