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How to use the thermal conductivity silicone sheet

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Generally, the thermal conductive silica gel sheet should be added to the structural design, hardware and circuit design at the beginning of the design. Consideration factors generally include: thermal conductivity, structure, EMC, shock absorption and sound absorption, installation and testing, etc.

1, choose the heat dissipation scheme: electronic products are now developing towards the trend of short and thin. Generally, passive heat dissipation is adopted, and the traditional radiator scheme is given priority to; The current trend is to cancel the heat sink, the use of structural heat dissipation parts (metal bracket, metal shell); Or combine the heat sink scheme with the heat sink structural part scheme; Choose the best cost-effective solution for different system requirements and environments.

2. If the heat sink scheme is adopted, it is not recommended to directly use the heat conduction double-sided adhesive with low thermal conductivity; Also do not recommend the use of thermal conductivity silicone grease without shock absorption function; It is recommended to use metal hook or plastic pushpin to operate, and use 0.5mm thickness thermal conductive silica gel to cooperate with the use of these two schemes, convenient installation and operation, but also can not use the glue, the heat dissipation effect will be much better than the thermal conductive double-sided adhesive, more safe and reliable. The total cost including unit price, manpower and equipment will be more competitive.

3. When choosing heat dissipation structural parts, it is necessary to consider the structural morphology of heat dissipation structural parts in the contact surface, such as local protrusion and local avoidance, etc., and balance the structure process and the size selection of thermal conductive silica gel sheet. It is recommended not to choose a very thick thermal conductive silica gel sheet under the condition of the process. Here for easy operation, it is recommended to use one side of the adhesive, and stick the adhesive surface to the heat dissipation structural parts. Here, the compression ratio should be specially selected to ensure a certain pressure to the thermal conductive silica gel sheet (the thickness of the thermal conductive silica gel sheet must be greater than the theoretical upper limit of the gap between the heat dissipation structure and the heat source, which can be more than 1mm-- 2mm in general).

When choosing heat dissipation structural parts, the position, height and packaging form of components should also be considered in PCB layout. Some heat sources can be placed according to rules to reduce the cost of heat dissipation structural parts.

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