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How to test the solid content of silicone oil?

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1. Principle

Dry a sample of a certain mass at a certain temperature under normal pressure for a certain period of time. The solid content is expressed as the percentage of the mass of the sample after heating to the mass of the sample before heating.

2. Determine step aggregation

Take three weighing bottles, dry them in an oven at (105±2) for 1.5 hours, cool them in a desiccator for 30 minutes, and then weigh them, record as m1.

Weigh 12g (accurate to 0.0001g) of the sample in a dried weighing bottle and mark it as m.

Gently turn to the weighing bottle to make the sample evenly distributed at the bottom of the weighing bottle, slightly open the weighing bottle cap, and place it in an oven at (105±2) , turn on the blower, and dry for 3 hours. Cover tightly, put it in a desiccator to cool for 30 minutes, weigh it, and record it as m2.

3. Calculation of results

The solid content of the sample is calculated by mass fraction X, and the value is expressed by (%), calculated according to formula (1):

X=(m2-m1)/m×100% (1)


m——The value of the sample mass. The unit is grams (g);

m1——The value of sample mass. The unit is grams (g);

m2——The value of the mass of the weighing bottle and the sample after drying. The unit is grams (g).

Take the arithmetic average of the two parallel determinations, and round to 0.1% according to GB/T8170-2008, which is the determination result. The difference between the two parallel determinations is not more than 0.3%.

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