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How to remove organosilicon spot on cotton knitted light blank with biologic enzyme?

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1. Principles of biological enzyme treatment

(choose a suitable amount of cellulose enzyme concentration, temperature, time, type,) using the enzyme is biological activation of cellulose enzyme, its effect on biodegradation, can make a 1.4 in the cellulose molecules glucose glucoside keys in a short time, hydrolyzed into soluble oligosaccharides or glucose, as a result of the enzyme molecule volume is bigger, not easy to infiltrate the fibers, so only will restrict the fiber surface hydrolysis, weakened the small pastel with the principal part of bonding force between the fibers and fiber surface through the solution, the machine operation process, is also a fabric and fabric, lining fabric and machine mechanical friction effect, The spots, along with the fine hairs on the fabric surface, are washed to remove them. In addition, the fabric surface structure is more clear, also played a role in the fabric smooth finishing.

2.Enzyme treatment process

Technological process: The grey cloth is put into the pot -- hot wash -- cold wash -- adjust PH value -- enzyme treatment -- hot wash -- dehydration -- drying -- cloth inspection -- calendering

Model: Rope dyeing machine Q113

Biological enzyme Xg/L, buffer LG /L, softener 3LG /L, PH 4.5 -- 5.5 bath ratio 1:20, enzyme treatment temperature 50 -- 53℃, 60 minutes after heating 8O℃, heat preservation for 15 minutes; Soft; Temperature: 30℃*20 minutes.

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