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How to produce high quality high-end waterproof fabric?

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                         How to produce high quality high-end waterproof fabric?

In the textile printing and dyeing industry, a variety of internal and external factors to promote the development of functional finishing can be described as "rapid progress", in the functional textile printing and dyeing industry, waterproofing finishing is one of the most common functional finishing. Currently on the market waterproofing agent is mainly divided into carbon fluorine waterproofing agent and non-fluorine waterproofing agent. That is, we often say: C8 waterproofing agent, C6 waterproofing agent and non-fluorine waterproofing agent. Although the waterproof agent in principle, there is a certain difference, but the waterproof treatment process is not very different.

About waterproof finishing fabrics

1 There are many types of fabrics, different fabrics have different structures, thicknesses and characteristics, when we get the fabric to be tested, we have to determine what kind of fabric it belongs to, so that we can roughly judge its suitable process conditions.
2 Confirm whether the fabric to be treated has done other finishing before, such as soft finishing.
3 Confirm whether the surface of the fabric is clean? Does it contain impurities? Impurities are divided into the impurities of the fabric itself (pre-treatment is not clean), there is also a foreign impurities (pre-treatment, dyeing additives); if there are impurities on the surface of the fabric, the waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.
4 PH value of the fabric? the PH value of the fabric surface will affect the waterproof effect.

About the waterproof finishing experiment process formula

Once the fabric is ready, we have to design the process and formula, in order to make our finishing experiment get the best result in the effective time, we need to be careful for:
1 we have to consider the customer requirements, as a brand waterproofing agent supplier, we will often receive the customer's experimental fabrics, so before the experiment, we have to choose the product according to the customer's requirements, such as the customer specified C6 waterproof agent, or they are doing the export order, the requirement of environmental protection, then we can only choose C6 waterproofing agent or non-fluorine waterproof agent.
2 according to the actual situation of the fabric, chemical fibre and cotton properties are different, the same product to make the effect is also different, so we choose the waterproofing agent to consider the actual situation of the fabric.
3 the equipment process from the customer's side, after all, each company's equipment will be different, its temperature, rolling rate and time control, before finishing, we need to consider the customer's side of the process, whether the equipment can reach the temperature requirements of the product, so that the experimental results will be reduced to a minimum error.

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