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Water Repellent Sylic FU5302

Hydrocarbon polymer with excellent water repellency for water repellent finishing of all fabrics

  • FU5302

  • Sylic

  • 1205302

Product Description

Main Material

Hydrocarbon polymer

Technical Indicators Appearance

Light yellow liquid

Solid(%) 30%
Ionicity Cationic
Main Feature 
  • Fluorine-free waterproof

  • Temporarily only waterproof but not oil-proof, environmentally friendly

Performance and Characteristics

  • Soluble in cold water

  • non-stick roller

  • High peel strength

  • Nonflammable

  • Soft and plump

  • Environmentally friendly, organic halide free, PFOA and PFOS free

  • Has excellent waterproof ability, can improve the functionality of the fabric

  • Smaller color, lower yellowing




With excellent water repellency for water repellent finishing of all fabrics


Recommended Process

1) Reference dosage: padding method 10-50g/L

2) Application example:

Padding finishing

FU5302  30 ~ 100g/L

pH 5 ~ 6

Padding (rolling ratio 60 ~ 80%) → drying (110-120℃) → setting 150 ~ 170℃

Packaging and Storage

Packaging & Storage


Packed in 120KG plastic barrels or ton barrels, this product is sensitive to low temperature or high temperature and cannot be stored at temperatures <0°C or >40°C

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



  • What is the meaning of waterproofing effect?

    To put a special substance on the surface of something that will prevent water from going through it. Covering and adding layers. additive. asphalt. bestrew.

  • What are the advantages of water repellent fabric?

    Waterproof/breathable fabrics resist liquid water passing through, but allow water vapour to pass through. Their ability to block out rain and snow while allowing vapour from sweat to evaporate leads to their use in rainwear, waterproof outdoor sports clothing, tents, and other applications.

  • What is C6 in fabric?

    C6 Based Fluorotelomers are used to treat textiles and nonwovens to impart water, soil, oil and stain resistance, and to provide a protective barrier against infiltration by contaminants.

  • Which is the effective method for waterproofing?

    Cement-based waterproofing is the easiest waterproofing method used in construction projects. It is easy to apply by mixing cement-based waterproofing materials. This method is generally used in areas that are in the interior of the building and have high contact with water, such as toilets and bathrooms.

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