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How to name Oxford cloth specifications?

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For example: 210D Oxford cloth, it should be 200D raw material for warp and weft, then why not call it 200D Oxford cloth?

Because the allowable error range of the thickness of raw materials in the world is +/-5%, it is generally called upwards, which is called 210D. 1680D luggage cloth should be woven with two 800D, otherwise it cannot be called 1680D luggage cloth.

In addition, the warp and weft density is also very important. The same is 210D. Some are dense and some are sparse. This is because the warp and weft density is different. When buying Oxford cloth, you must talk about the warp and weft density.

The warp direction generally talks about the number of steel reeds, the 12th reed means 12 per centimeter, the 12th reed 2 passes means 24 per centimeter (12*2), and the weft direction can generally say several shuttles, that is, how many yarns per centimeter. , This can be measured with a weft mirror. For example: 1200D12# reed 7.5 shuttle, that is, 12 1200D in the warp direction and 7.5 1200D in the weft direction. Foreign countries often talk about the number of T, such as 86T, 190T, 210T, etc. This refers to the sum of the number of yarns in the warp direction and the number of yarns in the weft direction within a range of 1 inch long and 1 inch wide.

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