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How to make the fabric has cold feeling?

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The existing processing methods of cool fiber in the market include:

1. Cool feeling fiber:

The processing methods of cool fiber are generally divided into two types. One is the physical blending method. The high-molecular polymer masterbatch and the mineral powder with good thermal conductivity are uniformly mixed, and then the cool-feeling mineral fiber is prepared through a conventional spinning process. Common cooling mineral fibers include mica fiber, jade powder fiber, pearl powder fiber and so on. Among them, mica fiber is more common, and the chemical properties of mica are stable, and its thermal conductivity, water absorption and insulation are good.

The other is to add food grade xylitol to the fiber spinning solution. After spinning, the xylitol can be evenly distributed on the fiber. The temperature rise of the skin under the fiber is tested by the infrared temperature tester. The fiber of xylitol absorbs heat quickly.

Cool feeling fibers can also be achieved through the design of fiber cross-sections. The shaped fiber cross-sections give the fibers a longitudinal multi-groove structure, and these grooves are conducive to the improvement of the wicking function. At present, fibers with special-shaped cross-sections are mainly obtained by melt-spinning. Different spinneret shapes can be used to spun out special-shaped fibers such as "Y" and cross. And through the design of the fiber cross section, the fiber has a "capillary effect" and strengthens the heat dissipation speed.


2. Finishing of cooling sensation additives:

Cooling feeling finishing textiles add cooling feeling microcapsules or xylitol cooling feeling finishing agents to ordinary textile fabrics through conventional dipping, padding or coating, so that it has the function of instant cooling feeling.

The processing technology of cooling microcapsules is mainly to refine the new materials of liquid and solid capsules with cooling function, and then use these droplets or particles as the core to deposit polymer film-forming materials on them, coat them and form a coating. A layer of film covers the functional material of the capsule core.

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