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How to improve the wet rubbing fastness of denim fabrics?

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At present, the wet rubbing fastness of ordinary denim is generally around 1-2, and the improvement of washing and wet rubbing fastness of denim is mainly achieved by the following methods:


1: Strengthen cleaning. After the product is dyed, strengthen water washing, and wash off all floating colors as much as possible.

2: Soaping and fixing. The floating color is washed away again by soaping agent, and the fixing agent is used to enhance the adhesion of vulcanization and indigo dye.

3: The fastness is improved. Use a special fastness enhancer(like wet rubbing fastness improve agent) to further improve the adhesion between the dye and the fiber.


Through the above 3 steps, the wet friction of denim fabric can be increased from 1-2 to 2-3, or even above 3.

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