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How to improve the softness of towels?

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Towel products are also called towel products. Towel fabrics mainly include pillow towels, towels, bath towels, beach towels, floor towels, square towels, bath towels, and other washing fabrics, which require good moisture absorption, heat preservation and softness. .

The softness of the fabric refers to the comprehensive reflection of the bending, stretching, compression, surface smoothness and thickness change of the fabric when subjected to external forces.


The conventional dyeing and finishing process of pure cotton towel fabric is: weighing and matching cylinder> alkaline oxygen scouring and bleaching> deoxidizing> (polishing)> dyeing> soaping> softening> dehydration> drying. In the scouring and bleaching and dyeing process, a large amount of caustic soda, soda ash and other alkaline agents are used to obtain the desired effect, but this will not only damage the cotton fiber, but also cause excessive loss of waxy substances, high weight loss rate, and rough hand feel.

Although the special tissue structure of towels has better softness than general fabrics, it is not soft enough for comfort, so it is often softened by chemical methods in finishing. You can use our Towel Hydrophilic silicone softener CY-404 to achieve good softness.

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