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How to improve the measures of light fastness

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Dye selection (the most important factor)

①High light fastness of yellow chromatography: reactive dyes take pyrazolinium and naphthalene trisulfonic acid as the parent structure;

②High light fastness of blue spectrum: reactive dyes take anthraquinone, phthalocyanine and methyl ester as the parent structure;

③ The light fastness of red chromatographic reactive dyes is generally low, especially for light colors. Only some azo groups have coordinating hydroxyl groups in two adjacent positions, which form stable chelate rings with copper, which can improve the light fastness. Spend;

④ When selecting dyes for color combination, the light fastness level of each component dye selected must be equal, as long as the light fastness of any one of the components, especially the component with the least amount, cannot reach light color dyeing. The light fastness of the final dyed product cannot meet the standard. ‍

other measures

①Influence of dye floating, incomplete soaping after dyeing, unfixed dyes and hydrolyzed dyes remaining on the cloth will also affect the light fastness of dyed products, and their light fastness is significantly lower than that of fixed reactive dyes. The more thorough the soaping, the better the lightfastness;

②The application of cationic low-molecular or polyamine-condensed resin-type fixing agent and cationic softener to fabric finishing will obviously decrease the light fastness of dyed products. Therefore, when choosing fixatives and softeners, we must pay attention to their influence on the light fastness of dyed objects;

③Ultraviolet absorbers are often used in light-colored dyeings to improve light fastness recently, but they must be used in a large amount to have some effect, which not only increases the cost, but also causes fabric yellowing and strong damage, so it is not a good measure.

Introduction to the improvement plan for light fastness

Our light fastness improving agent can provide good light shielding effect on various fabrics, and improve the resistance to sunlight and photolysis and fading of textiles. It is used to improve the light fastness of dyed fabrics such as silk, wool dyed with acid dyes and cotton, viscose, linen and other fabrics dyed with reactive dyes. It can also be used to improve the lightness of polyester and its blended fabrics. Light fastness. It can also significantly improve the UV absorption properties of various fabrics.

Feature advantage

1. After the treatment, the fabric can obtain a good UV blocking effect.

2. It can reduce fading and enhance the light fastness of polyester disperse dyes.

3. It is suitable as a light fastness enhancer for car seat fabrics, decorative fabrics, etc.

4. This product has affinity for pure cotton and wool polyester fibers, and can be absorbed during high temperature dyeing.

5. Excellent emulsification stability, leveling and migration.

6. This product can significantly improve the light fastness of dyed fabrics;

7. It has little effect on the color and light of the treated fabric during the treatment process.

Can be effectively used in cotton, hemp, etc. (cellulose fiber) and nylon fiber fabrics, whether it is yarn, woven fabrics or knitted fabrics.

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