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How to improve anticreasing resistance during dyeing?

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For the anti-wrinkle treatment of some chemical fiber or cotton blended fibers, as well as new man-made cellulose fibers, such as: Modal, Tencel or acetate fiber, higher requirements for anti-wrinkle in the bath are proposed.


Sylic Anticrease Agent CY-528 can prevent the generation of wrinkles in the rope-like wet processing process of natural fibers and rayon fibers and their blended fabrics. It has very low viscosity, is easy to dissolve, and has good chemical stability. By slowing down and uniformly controlling the shrinkage of the fabric and imparting a soft and smooth effect to the fabric in operation, the treated fabric can obtain the anti-wrinkle effect in the bath. It plays an optimizing role in the process that often needs to be pre-formed to ensure the smooth progress of the dyeing process, and it is also very suitable for printing and dyeing processing enterprises to deal with difficult-to-process fabric types.


In the pre-treatment and dyeing process of textiles, workers also need to consider whether the cloth can avoid wrinkles during operation due to equipment and process conditions, so as to ensure that each batch of fabrics are dyed successfully. In order to achieve a more precise and stable dyeing effect, the degree of pretreatment of the fabric, the pH value of the dye bath, the dispersibility of the dye, the leveling during the dyeing process and the post-dyeing treatment all require close attention by the processor. Therefore, after adding CY-528 new anti-wrinkle agent, it can greatly improve the work efficiency of workers and the operation efficiency of the machine, reduce the rework rate caused by manual identification or the consequences of uneven printing and dyeing due to wrinkles.

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