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How to identify recycled polyester?

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With the continuous progress of textile production technology, more and more new fibers have become raw materials for textiles. Today, I will mainly introduce you to the identification technology of recycled polyester fiber. It is understood that in the past, due to the lack of inspection methods and the inability of testing agencies to issue qualitative reports, enterprises could not enjoy relevant national policies, and at the same time caused confusion in the labeling of some polyester products.

1. Standard:

The national standard GB/T 39026-2020 "Method for Identification of Recycled Polyester (PET) Fibers" implemented on February 1, 2021 fills in the domestic and foreign gaps in this field, and provides technical support and guarantee for the country to formulate relevant policies .

2. Definition:

What is recycled polyester (PET) fiber?

That is waste polyester (PET) polymer and waste polyester (PET) textile materials are recycled and processed into polyethylene terephthalate fiber.

In layman's terms, recycled polyester fiber (hereinafter referred to as recycled polyester) refers to the recycled polyester (such as bottle flakes, foam, waste silk, waste pulp, waste textiles, etc.) made by recycling processes. Ester fiber.

3. Identification principle:

Based on the essential difference between the processing process of regenerated polyester and virgin polyester, which caused some characteristics to be different, the sample was processed according to the specified conditions and tested on a high performance liquid chromatograph. According to the difference in the relative peak area of the sample under different retention times , To achieve the purpose of qualitative identification.

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