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How to choose the auxiliaries for dyeing superfine polyester fibers?

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Micro fiber has fast and uneven dyeing speed due to the difference in monofilament size and fiber morphology. In addition, due to the difference in fiber cross section, fineness, and shrinkage during dyeing, the color and light are different, resulting in chromatic aberration. For this reason, the selection of levelling agent is very important. The high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing of ultra-fine polyester fibers requires higher dyeing requirements than conventional polyester fibers.

Its performance is mainly: it can effectively slow down the initial dyeing rate, reduce the initial absorption rate, have better mobility, high temperature desorption and high temperature dispersion is better, low foam, etc., generally can choose to have dispersion, leveling, chelation, etc. Non-/anionic compound surfactants. Non-ionic surfactants can generally form hydrogen bonds with dye molecules through ester polyoxyethylene ethers to achieve dye affinity slow dyeing effects. Anionic surfactants improve the migration effect of non-ionic surfactants and assist in dispersion. There are also information that the leveling agent used for dyeing superfine polyester fiber must be a polyoxyethylene ether sulfonate macromolecular compound with a larger molecular weight and a lower degree of sulfonation.

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