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How to choose high-quality "protective film" for concrete products-silicone waterproofing agent?

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Concrete is currently one of the most widely used building materials with a very large amount. It plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of buildings, highways, bridges and tunnels. Because the dull and dark appearance of ordinary concrete gives people a sense of dullness and depression, in order to "make a facelift" to the rigid concrete, the architects used various artistic treatments to make it present a decorative effect. This kind of concrete covered with artistic effects, we call It is decorative concrete. The advent of decorative concrete has greatly increased its use of heat, and concrete products have also become the first choice for many decoration projects such as indoor houses, restaurants, outdoor parks, and sidewalks.


Creating a beautiful environment and giving people a visual enjoyment is one of the important functions of decorative concrete, and it is also its unique place. However, success is also “decoration” and failure is also “decoration”. Once this decorative effect is damaged by stains, oil stains, etc., it will affect its visual beauty and even create a messy environmental effect. It is well known that the surface of concrete has pores. , It will absorb dirt, once these stains penetrate the substrate, it is difficult to clean up, which greatly reduces the role of decorative concrete.


Therefore, it is necessary to take effective protective measures on the decorative concrete surface.


To solve this problem, the market provides waterproofing agents and anti-frosting admixtures. By adding the admixture to the concrete mixing mixture, the admixture forms a particle-stable chemical bond with the silicon and fine sand in the cement, which can partially prevent some ordinary dirt. Adsorption and penetration on the surface. As for the special dirt in some specific areas, manual operations are required to coat the surface of the concrete with a protective agent to achieve better results, but the coating often changes the texture and color of the decorative concrete surface. However, the question and the answer are twin flowers, and there are solutions to problems.

Sylic's silicone waterproofing agent product for protecting the surface of concrete: CY-16 can protect the surface of decorative concrete very well, play a waterproof effect, and will not affect the appearance of the material, ensuring the visual beauty of the material.


Sylic has launched a variety of silicone water repellent products for a variety of substrate matching. As an environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-irritating, high-quality and low-cost new high-efficiency waterproof material, silicone waterproofing agent has been widely used in construction, house repair, building materials, exterior decoration and other industries in China. In addition to the environmental protection and good waterproof performance mentioned, silicone waterproofing agents have many advantages, such as long life, acid and alkali resistance, weathering resistance, expansion effect to compensate for the shrinkage of mortar and concrete, and convenient construction. Therefore, silicone waterproofing agents will receive more and more attention and more widely used in the future.

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