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How is the shipping situation now?

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On August 26, at the press conference of the Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that the peak period of Christmas supplies shipments is from June to August every year. However, considering the risk of shipping detention in ports this year, overseas customers generally watch online. Order goods and sign orders in advance. Some orders have been shipped and delivered earlier than in previous years, and some orders have been backlogged in domestic warehouses due to difficulties in booking space or excessive freight, putting pressure on business operations.


Some foreign trade companies said that due to the skyrocketing international logistics prices and congestion, millions of Christmas trees could not set off overseas in time. Companies with an annual export volume of about 150 million yuan had to spend 2 million yuan to rent 10,000 square meters. The warehouse is used for stacking Christmas trees.


It should be noted that in previous years, orders for a whole year could not be completed until the end of May, and this year has been advanced to March. The staff analyzed that the reason why customers placed orders earlier this year is that in addition to the concentrated release of orders that were in a wait-and-see state due to the epidemic last year, the tight supply of international logistics has caused freight rates to continue to rise and the shipping cycle lengthened, which is a time-sensitive one. For products, customers believe that they must place an order in advance, and the sooner they get the goods, the more secure they are.


Affected by the spread of the overseas epidemic, shortages of dock workers, terminal congestion, and suspension of navigation have occurred from time to time. The turnover efficiency of ships has decreased, and the situation of shortage of space and hard-to-find containers continues to occur. The Shanghai Export Container Freight Index announced on August 20 closed at 4340.18 points, continuing to hit a record high

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